Sep 2, 2010

Thank You, Noah!

Have you met the newest Aussie on the blogging block?  His name is Noah, and we'd like to say a big heartfelt thank-you to Noah for giving us a "Doggie Bloggie Award."  If you haven't yet had an opportunity to swing by Noah's blog to say hi, be sure to do so HERE (or click on the award in the sidebar) and welcome him to the world of doggie blogging! 
Thank you so much for this nice honor, Noah!

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Bandit:
1.  I have a tic.  If I'm excited or nervous, one of my front paws shakes.  I inherited this from my Mama, Gracie.
2.  I'm my family's second dog.  The first was a black Lab named Brandy who my family got when she was seven months old.  She lived to be 15 and died in January of 2007.
3.  If I'm scared I'll stop dead in my tracks, won't budge, and become dead weight.  Just yesterday, Mama and I were on a walk through the woods and we came across a dad with a baby in a pack on his back.  This scared me to death (to me it looked like one giant person) and I didn't want to walk around them.  Mama had to pick me up and carry me around this dad and baby.
4.  If I'm taken somewhere fun or go for a walk and I'm not ready to go home, I plop down wherever I am and refuse to budge.  If I'm taken for a walk and don't want to go home just yet, I refuse to get in the car.  Mama has to pick me up and plop me in the back seat.
5.  I get my teeth brushed anywhere from once to three times a week, always before bedtime, and I kinda like it.
6.  If I hadn't been named Bandit, I would have been named Wolfie - I'm glad I'm not called Wolfie.
7.  I have a collection of real beef bones.  I like to gather them all up and put them on Mama and Papa's bed.
8.  One time something unknown gave me diarrhea so bad I had to have medicine to clear it up.  It got better, but then a few days later I snuck a piece of cheese pizza off the kitchen counter while everyone was downstairs and the diarrhea came back.  I needed more medicine.  I guess I have a bit of a sensitive stomach.
9.  My blog starts on the day I was brought home from the breeder's house.  Here's the very first blog posting..
10.  I still have a problem with jumping on people.

We would like to pass this award on to all our blogging pals!!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I hope all of woo have a great weekend!


K9friend said...

Congratulations...and what a cutie patootie is on that photo!


Noah said...

Well deserved and you are welcome. Thank you for introducing Noah in such wonderful way.

sagechronicles said...

I know about seeing something I've never seen before and getting scared. I saw a man at the park and he had a heavy coat on, a HUGE backpack, a funny hat and a big stick. I stared and stared. Then I went back and stared some more. Mom said he was homeless and lived there.