Jul 11, 2010

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I did lots of snoozing in the sun
And of course, since I was always in the mood for a good nap, I did lots of yawning
I did some smiling for the camera
I did some visiting with my family
I did lots of snuggling with T and the rest of the family
I hung out with M on the beach
I did awesome jumping and catching (notice where my feet began in the sand and how high I jumped)
I saw someone peeking at me on the Fourth of July from their front door in Gleneden Beach, Oregon (a very small coastal town that really gets into celebrating the holiday)
I really got into anticipating the next throw of my Flippy Flopper
When I got wet (which I didn't much care for) I wriggled around on the sandy beach (my version of drying myself off)
I found myself a buddy to play with on my last full day of vacation (and his name was ... Buddy!)
Buddy is a six-year-old half golden lab and half chow.  He was great fun to romp with.  We had this private beach (behind the fancier golf course) all to ourselves (just our family and Buddy's family).
We gave Buddy's family one of Bandit's ... ahem ... business cards.  Maybe they'll stop by the blog and check out the pictures of Bandit with his buddy (their Buddy).
Mama brought a special freezer bag with a big bone from the Asian grocery store and it was a 4th of July surprise for me.  Yum, what a nice surprise!
I did some ferocious doggy digging

I got sand in my face and on my tongue (I didn't mind the occasional crunchiness in my mouth).

I found lots of sticks to drag around and play with
I visited Pacific City (a tiny little coastal town).  It was super hot so we didn't stay too long.  We had to stop at a grocery store to get me some drinking water.
My favorite thing of all was just being with my family


Wyatt said...

Bandit! Pawesome vacation! OMD...you jump really high!


Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

What GREAT pictures!! I can't believe how high he can jump. The scenery is so beautiful and I love that little cabin all decorated for the 4th. What a fabulous vacation you all had. YAY!!!!

The Sprollies 'n Border Collies said...

You look live you had the best time ever! So brilliant! Welcome back!

Sharper said...

awww! I love these Bandit pics! Looks like he had a great time! That jump is crazy high! Wow!

really beautiful pictures!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

What a fantastic vacation you had!!! Wow!!! You sure can jump and run in the sea and sand! Thanks for visiting Betsy Belle too 'cause she's little and loves beautiful lads like yourself!
Furry hugs!

The Thundering Herd said...

Looks like a great vacation!

Flo de Sendai said...

OOooooh, I juts love your blog: Bandit is adorable, and the photos splendid !!!

Licks from Nana and Uyanga in Japan.

K9friend said...

And that's what vacations are for! Looks like you had a great time!



Welcome back! What a wonderful time you had on vacation! You are so cute!
Awesome air on that jump little brother, you are lean and fly like a bird! Good to have you back! Hope you gave our half sibs a lick from me! So cool you got to visit. Did your mom stuff little Pearl in her pocket???

Life With Dogs said...

And you looked superb doing it! :)

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

Sounds like a fabulous vacation:) It is a dogs life you know. Don't worry about eating sand either, my granddaughter does it all of the time and she loves it:)
Capers of the vintage vixen
Oh, and to answer your question about the headless angel, I did post about it in a later post - I think it was in November:)

Mini Aussie Ace! said...

WOW! How awesome!! That looks like SO much fun! :) Those are some great pics and WOW that is an impressive jump for the flippy flopper!!!

Lauren M. Davis Folk Art! said...

Truly Beautiful Photos, Looks Like You all had a blast!!!!!!!!!! I love your blog!!!!!!! ~Hugs~ Lauren