Jul 15, 2010

Say Hello to a New Mini Aussie Blogger!!

I just received an email from a new Aussie blogger with a mini named Kirby.  Kirby is the son of Bandit's Grandma, Kelsey, so there are relations there (and so that includes Ryker, too!).  He's a darling little blue merle who's only been home with his new family a couple of days.  Be sure to stop by Kirby's new blog ("Kirbypuppy"), say hello, and follow along with the early puppyhood fun (and trials and tribulations).  Kirby's blog can be found HERE.


RYKER said...

OH, thanks! Looks like Justin found his forever home and got renamed Kirby...LOVE IT! This is fun!

RYKER said...

I think I am learning the header stuff. I love all of yours so much. This new one is really cute!

Mama Dash said...

awesome! a new mini aussie blog. thanks! i agree about the header. very nice :)