May 7, 2010

Morning Walk

It was a beautiful morning so Bandit and I set off fairly early to St. Edward State Park which is less than a five-minute drive from our house.  We hadn't been here since late January or early February when we had an unusual run of unseasonably warm winter weather.  At that time the trails were muddy and difficult to maneuver.  This morning, however, the trails were dry and the morning sun shining through the trees made for a lovely walk.
Bandit loved being at this park again.
Taking a breather on the bench that a Girl Scout troop installed years and years ago
When we got down to Lake Washington we ran into his friend, Daphne, from the 4 o'clock playtime at Big Finn.
Daphne loves water and jumps right in, and because she was fearless Bandit went in a little way himself.  I could tell he was hesitant though just by looking at his ears - doggy peer pressure.
Bandit loves listening to the birds and quiet morning sounds.  Except for Daphne and her Grandma, no one else was down here at this time.  The other side of the lake is a North Seattle neighborhood.
Exploring (as much as he can on a leash)
The park provides a dog bowl and water, which is a nice perk at this park.


Mama Dash said...

what a gorgeous area, and so close by! your neighborhood must be such a beautiful place to live in.

Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

What a BEAUTIFUL place to walk! I can't wait to get there and go on some of these great walks with you and Bandit!

Priscilla said...

Sounds like you and Bandit had a very beautiful, quiet and refreshing walk!

Reena said...

Looks like a fun walk and that picture of the trail through the trees is gorgeous!

Raising Addie said...

What a fun walk!!!

We don't blame you. We don't like to swim much either :)

Happy Dog Mom's Day!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Hailey

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Perfect pathways to heavenly walks! Love the pics and Bandit is as adorable as ever!!!

RYKER said...

It is a lovely park. Isn't nice to have such a nice place close by. Very nice photo of the light filtering through the trees.