Apr 12, 2010

Family News!

Bandit has some news about his Mama, Gracie.  She is pregnant with at least two puppies and is set to deliver in around four weeks!  Not only that, Bandit's Grandma, Kelsey (Gracie's Mama), is pregnant, too, and due on the same day!  Gracie's upcoming litter will be half-siblings to Bandit as his Papa, Joey, was recently neutered.  But a little Mini Aussie named Ziggy who lives in Indiana made a special flight to Washington state so he could have some quality time with Gracie.  Grandma Kelsey was bred with someone else.  I initially thought Kelsey had been bred with Ziggy as well, but since Kelsey and Ziggy are both merles a pairing between them could result in puppies born with deafness and/or blindness.

Jamie has said that when Gracie was pregnant with Bandit's litter, the veterinarian could feel 2-3 puppies, and we all know she ended up with 9!  When Kelsey was pregnant with Gracie's litter, she had 9 puppies as well. 

Best wishes to Gracie and Kelsey as they maneuver through this next month of doggy pregnancy. ♥


Priscilla said...

Wow! That's great!! More aussie puppies are on the way!

TheEnchantedLocket said...

That's exciting. :) Best of luck with the new puppies when they arrive.