Apr 5, 2010

Chester Cheeto!

I just realized over the weekend that Bandit has two more siblings I've forgotten to introduce on the blog.  Chester Cheeto was originally called Kadence by the breeders, but breeder Dean gave him the cute nickname of Chester Cheeto.  When his new owners came to pick him up they already had a name tag made for him that read Chester so the nickname obviously stuck!

Chester lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and loves to hike with his family which includes his mom and dad, and he also lives with two Bengal cats.  Chester has recently taken up rattlesnake training so as to keep himself safe from those nasty predators in the desert just looking for a cute dog to play with.

Chester is a handsome blue merle
Though they differ in coloring, Chester and Bandit share some similar facial characteristics which definitely make them obvious brothers
Chester and one of the family Bengals
Desert hiking in some beautiful country

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Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

What a handsome dog Chester-Cheeto (love the name by the way) is. I can sure see the resemblance to Bandit. The coloring around his face is really pretty. Looks like he's got quite the doggy life hiking in such beautiful country!!