Mar 27, 2010

Met Another Aussie Today - Home Alone

I took Bandit to the park for some playtime today and lo and behold another standard Aussie was there.  Zeus is his name and he's three and a half years old.  It was incredibly funny because Zeus is a major herder and really did a number on Bandit.  Bandit's definitely not used to being the one herded.  He did a great job of keeping up with Zeus although Zeus definitely had the upper hand.

These are two women whose dogs, Raven and Lady, are regulars at the 4 o'clock playtime.  And the standard Aussie is Zeus, of course.
We've been working on leaving Bandit "home alone" when everyone is out of the house.  So far, so good!  He's been left alone, though under Simba's watchful eye, for a little more than three hours at a time.  I do prepare in advance and scatter chewies upstairs and down and fill up his Busy Buddy with Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Fish treats. Did you know that the Natural Balance company is owned by Dick Van Patten, the guy who played the dad on the television show “Eight is Enough?” Hopefully, Bandit will continue doing well when home alone, because it makes us feel so much better rather than having to crate him.


RYKER said...

That Zeus is a good looking guy ;)

Priscilla said...

YaY! Good on you, Bandit. You're going to be the most popular guy on the block in no time!

K9friend said...

Looks like everyone's having a good time.

And I'm sure Bandit will prove that being home alone is a snap (though of course, he'd much rather come along!).