Mar 22, 2010

Four O'Clock Off-Leash Play

Since it was clear skies and no liquid sunshine this afternoon, I took Bandit to the 4 o'clock off-leash playtime at Big Finn which we recently learned about.  We left the house on foot at 3:45, and when we got to the designated area no one was there.  We waited around for a few minutes, and within a very short span of time a few playmates showed up.  Our neighbor two houses over showed up with her spaniel, Millie.  Bandit ran hard and played hard and got along with everyone.  About seven dogs total were there while we were there.  As Bandit hasn't had much off-leash time I worked on "come" quite a bit when he strayed too far with his friends.  He was very good about listening and would make a bee-line straight for me at warp speed.  Twice he went out of sight on a trail which made me quite nervous, but here too he was good about turning around when he heard his name being called.  It was a nice group of people with a nice group of pooches.

Bandit's the second dog from the left
Lokie (the chocolate lab), Raven (the standard poodle), Batty (a seven-month old pitbull), and Bandit with his tush to the camera
Bandit disappeared down that trail at the back one time, causing me to panic momentarily
Bandit at the left chasing someone - I almost missed him he was running so quickly!


K9friend said...

What a smart and obedient boy to come even when busy running around with his pals. There's plenty of human kids who won't do that!

Priscilla said...

Great! I'm glad bandit knew his recalls. Looks like me had a great day and made loads of friends!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

A great party for off the leash fur-kids. But, oh, that moment of panic that sets in when they are momentarily out of sight! Know the feeling! Have fun!

Tiffany said...

Don't worry, Aussies always come back! They are shadow dogs!

Thanks for commenting on my blog back in in december. Bandit looks a bit like Ninja and acts a lot like him!