Mar 25, 2010

Explanation of Yesterday's Wordless Wednesday Picture

Bandit's friend in the picture is Millie, who just happens to live two houses up from us.  Our neighbor, E, rescued Millie right around the same time as we brought Bandit home last summer.  Millie's a sweet girl who has a bunch of flags surrounding the perimeter of her front yard as she's getting used to an invisible fence.

Anyway, Bandit has Millie's ball in his mouth.  Millie is extremely protective of her toys.  She's kind of like a toddler and needs to have toy with her for security.  If Millie has the ball in her mouth and another dog comes over to take a sniff, she growls and growls until the sniffer backs off.  Somehow during playtime yesterday Millie was distracted by some of her friends and her ball was laying on the grass, all alone and fair game.  Bandit loves toys, too, so went over and picked up Millie's ball.  He knew he had something special so he went off with it away from the rest of the "gang."  However, Millie's a smart girl and she knew something was up.  I happened to have my camera out and was snapping pictures when this all ensued.  She kind of sneaked over toward Bandit as if to say, "Can I please have my ball back?"  Bandit didn't growl at Millie, he was more playful, like, "Look what I've got, Millie."  With a little encouragement from me, Millie got her ball back.

I'm going to start taking a toy or two for Bandit when we meet up for the playtime.  He's almost a year now so I can start doing some good frisbee tossing for him.  I heard somewhere it's good to wait until they're a year old before really getting into that kind of activity, because before a year there's more risk for injury.  I'm not sure where I heard that or read that but I've kind of stuck to it to play it safe.


Priscilla said...

Aww. That's too cute! Bandit is such a gentleman for letting Millie get her toy back :)

K9friend said...

Poor Millie! I guess I didn't realize just how low her tail was tucked!

Lauren said...

Our Simon is a frisbee catching fool - he prefers the soft disc because he can pick it up easier even though I went to the trouble of getting him "competition" frisbees to teach him!