Mar 16, 2010

Copy Cat (or would that be Copy Dog)

Last month I saw a picture of Bandit's one brother, Ryker, wearing this cool "Best Friend" nametag.  Ryker's mom, Sandy, was kind enough to share with me the name of the Etsy artist (Poochy Couture) who makes these awesome personalized tags by hand.  I raced to the website to order one for Bandit, only to find none with the "best friend" charm.  I contacted the seller and she said she was out of those charms but would get some more and make Bandit his own nametag.  It arrived today, and we love it!!  We wanted to put it on his collar immediately, but in checking out his collar we noticed that some of the nylon has been ripping, so after I finished work today I raced over to PetSmart to pick up a new collar. 

Thank you, Sandy, for sharing where Ryker got his tag!

Poochy Couture has a really nice selection of all kinds of personalized pet tags (dogs and cats).  Check her out if your pet needs a new tag.  These would also make neat gifts.

It was difficult getting a picture of Bandit wearing the new tag with his hairy neck, so I had him lie down to get this one.  And he's definitely the best friend of everyone in our house!
Isn't it super cool.  The "Best Friend" charm is soldered on good and tight.


Emma Rose said...

That is really cool! I didn't know you could get stuff like that.. How fun!!!!

Emma Rose

Shopgirl said...

This is really amazing..never saw anything so nice. I will have to think about getting a couple.
Mattie Anne is not well, she has hip problems and is having a hard time.
Have a great week, Hugs Mary

Priscilla said...

*scream* We want one too!!

Angela said...

wow that's great, except everyone knows your phone number now????

K9friend said...

Very, very nice. Thanks for the link. I'll hop over to check them out and do some shopping!

Tibby said...

Hi Bandit!
Your new tag is super cool! I might have to convince Owner Girl to buy me some to go along with my collar collection!
:) Tibby

Kathy said...

What an awesome tag!! I recently looked at an Etsy website...will have to go back and check it our further.

RYKER said...

Cool tag Bandit. Hey,we are not just brothers, now we're twins!

Ripley said...

Way cool! I want one, too! Thanks for the discovery.