Feb 21, 2010

Springtime in February

It's been a strange winter here in Western Washington.  It's been unseasonably warm and sunny and definitely spring-like.  Bandit loves the warmer weather!  But we obviously need to get him a few new Flippy Floppers.  Look what he did to this one!
Thank you for all the concern regarding Bandit's leg.  It's healing up well but he tends to lick it a lot.  He kept the bandages on that first day, but he quickly chewed them off the next morning.  I did re-bandage it but it all came off even quicker the second time.

Bandit's going through another barking phase when we're out on our walks, so I've decided to take a whistle with us the next time to see if a loud blast or two will do the trick.


Emma Rose said...

Higgins is a barker too. Let us know if the whistle works!

Emma Rose

PS Hasn't the sunshine been glorious!!!

Priscilla said...

Our dogs have never barked when out on walks so I don't know how it feels haha.
But good luck getting him to stop.

K9friend said...

Fresh air is good for a cut, but too much licking isn't always the best remedy. Hope he doesn't have to wear the dreaded "cone"!