Jan 19, 2010

We Have Ourselves a Watch Dog!

I was downstairs working today.  Since I have to wear headphones I often don't hear certain things going on around me.  Bandit started to growl and act upset.  He was looking toward the stairs which lead up to our front door.  He seemed insistent that I pay attention to him.  When I'm home alone I don't tend to just open the front door before doing a window check.  He stood at the front door and growled some more so I went upstairs and took a look out the front window.  I saw no one so went back to the front door where Bandit persisted in being on alert with ears perked upright and continuing to growl.  I held on to his collar as I opened the front door.  Sure enough, someone had been by.  There was a box sitting on the porch, left by the UPS man.  Bandit saw the box and seemed greatly relieved.  Me, too.

When Bandit growls it's more of an afraid growl than an angry growl.

I heaped praise on Bandit and told him how happy I was with him, that he did such a great job of alerting me to something I'd not been aware of.  This was the first time he had ever done anything like this.  He's growing up!

Our tough guy!


Shopgirl said...

I count on Mattie and LB to alert me when someone is around. I am sure that LB would lick someone to death and Mattie, well Mattie is a alfa, she could and might hurt someone.
I am very proud of Bandit, he did what he was really supposed to do, he let you know that something or someone was different in his area.
Way to go Bandit, Mary and the gang!

Angela said...

fantastic job Bandit, keep it up.....

K9friend said...

Indy has an unfortunate habit of confusing a doorbell ringing on television with our own door.

Then I get the sheepish, "Whoops, sorry Mom" look.

Priscilla said...

Well done, Bandit. Bravo!

Pedro said...


You are a great protector of your family. Thank you so much for coming by to visit with me and my family this week. It has been a very sad time for us and it was so nice of you to offer your kind words. I hope you have a great weekend.


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Somehow the photo does not match the "watch dog" title. He's just too much of a sweetie. Still, I'm sure he can "watch" with the best of them. I love all of your dog photos and Bandit is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy this wonderful day!