Dec 29, 2009

We Have Been So Lucky!

I just remembered something.  Back when Bandit was taking some obedience classes the instructors told the class that puppies aren't considered truly housebroken until they can go four full months without accidents in the house.  When we brought Bandit home just shy of nine weeks old, he amazed us with how consistent he was in going potty outside.  In those early days I would get up with him several times at night to whisk him outside.  He always knew what he was supposed to do so we could both go back to sleep.  And during the daytime, he was always very good about going to the sliding door and pawing at it when he needed to go out.  Within a minute or two, he would go potty and then go about playing, etc.  Honestly, since this past June, Bandit has only had about 12 accidents TOTAL in the house (how lucky we have been!).  The only other time he had an accident was when we took him with us on vacation in August.  As soon as we arrived at the beach and walked into the vacation house, Bandit stood in front of the television set and took a piddle.  But we're sure that was pretty much because he was in some unfamiliar surroundings and perhaps was a little nervous.  But since that vacation day in August, Bandit has not had one accident (including #1 and #2) in the house.  So, since it's been more than four months, Bandit is most definitely housebroken!

Now that he's just shy of being nine months old now, he responds very well to the command, "Go potty."  It's especially helpful when we need to go somewhere and he comes along with, or we need to put him in his crate for a bit.

And another thing:  Bandit is still a squatter.  He has lifted his leg twice while on walks and while wearing his sweatshirt, but we're pretty sure that's just his way of keeping his sweatshirt neat and tidy! ☺ We don't mind that he's a squatter at all; in fact, we find it kind of charming that he still does this.  This is my first time having a male dog, ever, so I'm learning these little quirks as we go along.  K has familiarity with owning a male dog while in his early twenties but can't remember too much about the squatting/lifting stuff.

We also have to give a big shout-out THANK YOU to Jamie, Bandit's breeder, for doing such a bang-up job of doing early housebreaking with all the puppies.  Bandit was obviously listening and a quick study!

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K9friend said...

Nothing better than a housebroken pup! Congratulations!