Dec 15, 2009

Meet Miss "Amelia Earhart"

A family friend in Georgia ("B") has a five-year-old miniature wirehaired fox terrier named Buttercup, and for Christmas B has gotten a brand new puppy of the same breed.  As B's husband is an airplane aficionado the name she chose for the new girl is a nod to her husband's hobby.  Poor little Buttercup has had her nose bent out of shape since the new addition to her family, and apparently she's been a bit jealous of the attention received by who she perceives as her competition.  Happily, the last time I spoke to B Buttercup has been coming around a bit more.

As some may remember, Buttercup is the friend who sent Bandit his first (and only) Christmas ornament when he was a much smaller pup.  See it above in the blog header, as well.

What cute sweaters on these little Southern Belles

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