Dec 10, 2009

Meet Bandit's Cousin, Mak

I drove in to Seattle this afternoon to meet up at my brother's house to ride along with to one of my niece's middle school basketball games.  It was a great game even though they lost, and it was neck-and-neck for the last six minutes.  They only lost by two points. 

Mak is my brother's family's dog.  He's a Keeshond, and I believe he's about four or five years old.  He's very friendly and very sweet.  Bandit has yet to meet Mak face-to-face, but as Mak doesn't care for playing with other dogs, Bandit would probably be a little too "in your face" for Mak.

An interesting little tidbit my brother told me about Mak today that I never knew:  Mak has a middle name.  His middle name is Allen!

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Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

You are a handsome fella Mak! You have eyes like a panda bear.