Dec 9, 2009


Bandit is at BWFT and I can't get their damn webcam to come up. It worked yesterday and the day before. I even called and asked them if there's something from their end that they can turn on and off. They said it's always on from their end and there are no problems. They told me I need to download Java, which we knew and is what we're frustrated with.

BTW: He was extremely happy to be dropped off there today. When I opened the car door to let him out he could hear all the dogs barking. He jumped out excitedly and began to bark himself. When I took him inside he was anxious to be escorted back to the play area.

Bandit's going to be at BWFT until 3 p.m. Pacific time, so if anyone out there would be kind enough to check the link and let me know if it works or not for you, it would be much appreciated!

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