Dec 10, 2009

The Great Motivator

Bandit is a great motivator when it comes to me staying active.  He loves his walks, and if it gets to be late afternoon and he hasn't had a walk, he comes to us and lets us know he wants one.  Whereas I might be inclined to stay inside when the weather is so cold, Bandit gets me up and walking.  As long as I'm dressed appropriately and have a scarf around my neck, I'm good.  We took a different, extra-long route today.  At one point we were walking north and I was mesmerized by looking at Bandit's shadow on the road in front of me.  His shadow is bouncy and happy, little ears flapping away.

When we get home from the walks and after I take of his walking collar, his leash, and his "sweatshirt," he loves to roll around on the carpet, all the while being quite vocal and happy.

On another note:  When Bandit had his photo taken last weekend at Petco, I picked up a teeth brushing kit.  In the evenings, before bedtime, I've taken to brushing Bandit's teeth.  I use the brush that kind of looks like a regular human toothbrush rather than the finger doohickies.  I run the brush under the water and put a less than pea-sized bit of paste on the brush.  I have Bandit lay on his side on our bed and I brush away.  He doesn't seem to mind at all ... so far.  His teeth are so nice and pearly white, I hope to keep them in great condition and looking this good always.

Bandit's shadow

Happy boy after his long walk

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