Dec 22, 2009

California Girl

Here are some pictures of Bandit's sister, Piper, who lives in Southern California.  She's the only one of the pups in the litter with more than half a white face, and it has always given her sweet face just that much more personality.

This picture of Piper sitting on the beach in California reminds us so much of Bandit.  He often sits like this in the same proud fashion.  We usually catch him in this posture when watching the neighbors behind us, or their dog.

So cute and happy!

We also see lots of resemblance body-stature-wise between Piper and Bandit when looking at this photo

This has always been one of my all-time favorite photos of Piper.  She was 11 weeks in this photo and meeting some of her family for the first time

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K9friend said...

Adorable. What a sweet face!