Dec 5, 2009

Bandit Has a Sweatshirt for the Cold Weather

As Bandit and I headed out for our walk today, we ran into our neighbor, Bev. Bev is the neighbor who made Bandit his sleeping pad and gave Bandit lots of toys her dogs have outgrown. She said she had a sweatshirt for Bandit that her dog Niko had outgrown. Bev went in and got the sweatshirt and came out and put it on Bandit. It fits perfectly! After visiting with Bev and Dave for a while, Bandit and I headed out for our walk. He wore his sweatshirt (and elf collar) the entire time and didn't seem to mind it one bit. He obviously didn't want to mess up his new sweatshirt because when it came time to take a pee, Bandit actually lifted his leg (first time)!

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Angela said...

Hi Guys,
This is really weird as my next fav. dog to collies and Chinese crested is Mini Aussie, we have a few in the UK now.
Great reading about your adventures....
Angela at "The Pit"