Nov 2, 2009

A Real Dog Bed

When Bandit's with us downstairs and wants to sleep, he either sleeps on the floor beside my computer, on the floor in-between my computer and K's computer, or on his Toy Story blanket (which was originally M's when he was just a little guy, was used by Brandy for several years after M outgrew Toy Story, and then was brought out again for Bandit's use). I made a trip to Costco late last week. As I was going in a woman was coming out with a dog bed in her cart. I commented to her what pretty material it had for a dog bed, and she agreed. When I got to the pet section inside I saw the big end-display of pet beds for a ridiculously low price. There were several different material options to choose from, but I ended up with the same one I saw in the woman's cart. Not only does it look nice but it smells nice, too. It's definitely a cedar scent. We will wash up the Toy Story blanket and put it away for future use; it's quite handy to have.

Bandit seems to love his new bed as it's very soft, with room to stretch and lay out. We put the blanket that our neighbor gave Bandit on top for some extra plushness.

I like my old faded Toy Story blankie, but I am outgrowing it


Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

Nice new dog bed!!
Boy...someone's got the life lounging by the fire!!

Shopgirl said...

I am on our second bed from Costco. They are really nice. We have the old one on the back porch so that they can lay on it sometimes. Right now it is to cold, but they love it on a warm day.
Bandit looks like he really enjoys his new bed...It is a very good thing. Hugs from the