Nov 8, 2009

Getting Cozy on a Sunday Morning

Upstairs we have what is now considered to be the communal pet chair. It used to be strictly for Simba's use. We found that giving Simba access to this one chair kept him from laying on anything else, thereby cutting down on cat hair cleanup. Our original rule for Bandit was that he couldn't lay on or have paws up on any furniture, upstairs and down. However, we changed our minds when we decided it wasn't really fair for Bandit to watch Simba flit all around the house and have access to pretty much everything. Since Simba doesn't sit in the communal chair on a regular basis, we decided to let Bandit have permission to lay there, too. It's completely covered with an old tablecloth so at a moment's notice we can whisk it off in case we need Simba and Bandit to relinquish their rights temporarily. So far, no one's nose is bent out of shape when "the other one" is enjoying the comforts of the chair.

One of these days I'll get a cover for it that matches our decor.

Bandit says, "I like to sit here because I can see Mama when she's in the kitchen or sitting at the table doing homework or reading the Sunday paper"

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