Oct 21, 2009

Preparing for Possible Tummy Upset

As I'm downstairs working I hear a strange noise coming from upstairs, so I get up and plod upstairs myself, only to find Bandit three-quarters of the way done munching on a SAND DOLLAR!! A real one!! I look on top of the coffee table where I have a candle display with some seashells, and sure enough the sand dollar is missing, as well as a STARFISH!! The starfish is real, too!! I have searched all around the house and there's no starfish to be found. Bandit has obviously snacked on BOTH!!!

I'm keeping a close eye on the guilty party in case those seashells decide to make a reappearance. Both shells were palm-sized.


Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

OH NO!!! I suspect there will be some wretching later or some real sandy poops!!!

Ann said...

hii there thanks for visiting my site :). bandit looks very naughty but so cute at the same time! who can yell at a cute doggy? hehe. i am thinking about getting a dog...a shitzu..i know they just cute to look at :P....probably end up like its owner...lazyy lol