Oct 28, 2009

Bandit's Buddy

Simba is our eight-year-old cat. We have watched Bandit and Simba's relationship evolve since introducing Bandit into the household. In the beginning it was the wild puppy against the curious and cautious cat. Then, the playful sparring began with hissing, barking, yipping, loud meowing, and growls from both competitors. Now, as Bandit has matured a bit, Simba will sit himself in a position so as to be easy prey, encouraging Bandit to come play. Bandit will often times take Simba up on his offers, but other times Bandit just goes over to Simba, sniffs him a little, and then walks away. One of Simba's favorite things to do is sit up high on his kitty condo and watch Bandit when he has one of his rip-roaring moods and tears through the house at breakneck speed.

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Scout 'n Freyja said...

Our Camille Suzanne hides on a kitchen chair and whaps the dogs as they walk by - they look around and she has already hidden herself under the tablecloth! She's like a trap door spider☺