Sep 1, 2009

Bandit's Visit With His Family In Vancouver

On our way down to the Oregon Coast on August 16, we made a stop off in Vancouver to visit Bandit's breeder, Jamie, and her husband, Dean. Jamie and Dean own Bandit's parents, Gracie and Joey, as well as Bandit's full siblings, Zuma and Rufio. Actually, Rufio belongs to Jamie's mom who lives down the street.

It was so cute because Bandit obviously remembered Jamie. He was loving her all up like he only does with us, so we knew right away that he remembered.

Bandit had a great time running in the back yard with Zuma and Rufio and watching his siblings run like mad through a tube. Bandit seemed to like exerting dominance over his sister, Zuma, most of all.

It was great seeing Jamie and Dean and the dogs and pups!

All pictures below were taken by Jamie:

Bandit's mom and siblings with the Flippy Flopper Bandit gave his mom for a present

Great shot of Rufio going after the Flippy Flopper!

Bandit and his sister, Zuma

It looks like they're singing, but I think actually Dean was holding a treat

Dean was happy to see Bandit again

More love from Dean

Pig pile!
Great action shot of the three pups!


Bella/Dodger/Izzie said...

What beautiful dogs they all are!! How fun for Bandit to get to play with his canine family. The actions shots are GREAT!

Bandit's Pack said...

Yes, Jamie's a really good photographer!

Anonymous said...

Wow looks like such a fun day!