Sep 18, 2009

Bandit's First Visit to PetSmart!

As Bandit got his Elizabethan collar off today, I checked his regular collar and found that it was kind of tight. Not only that, I also found that there was no more room for expansion, so before his obedience class today we left the house a little earlier and hit the Woodinville PetSmart for a little shopping. He got a collar exactly like his old one except with more length to it. Also, as he's very much grown out of his dishes I picked up a new set for him. Lastly, we got another bag of "Training Treats" for teaching him all those wonderful things he's learning in obedience class and practicing at home.

Here's Bandit with his new dishes (old ones behind)
The new ones are in the front with the pawprint on them. The purple toy to the right in the picture is the toy that Bandit got while on vacation. It's called a Busy Buddy Twist 'n Treat. It's a toy that a dog has to roll around and play with in order to get treats to come out. It's recommended that the first time you introduce your dog to the Busy Buddy you have the holes wide so the dog understands that treats come out. When we first introduced it to Bandit while down at the ocean, he caught on within about 20 minutes. Now, whenever we give it to him to play with, we make the holes quite small. He can spend lots of time playing with it and is very anxious to get a treat to fall out. He'll talk to it and complain to it if the treat doesn't come out fast enough to his liking. He'll work and work and work. It's a great toy to keep his mind active and thinking.

He's quite proud of his new big-boy dishes. The smaller, older ones will be up for sale at our planned garage sale on Sunday

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