Aug 31, 2009

Simba's Vacation

While we were on vacation, Simba had the house all to himself. Grandma dropped by every other day to check his food and water situation, and to visit and "talk." Simba is quite the vocal kitty even though he hasn't an ounce of Siamese in him.

~♥~Thank you, Grandma, for taking good care of Simba while we were away!~~

Since Bandit got a special toy while on vacation (more about that later), it was only fitting that Simba should receive something, too. Simba got a catnip pillow with ocean fishies on the material.

Simba in the midst of the catnip crazies

1 comment:

Shopgirl said...

Thank you for the visit, I will share your comment with my daughter.
Your family and pet family is adorable..I hope it will okay for me to come by...
Hugs, Mary...Idaho