Aug 1, 2009

Play Time at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm

Okay, so it's not really named the place where Charlie Brown got Snoopy from, but Bandit does get to participate in an event called, "Get Along Little Doggie!" at Puppy Manners Ranch (the ranch owned by his puppy kindergarten instructors) today from 4 to 5:30 p.m. It's billed as, "No leashes, no training, just fun, fun, fun!"

The next time I shoot video I'll switch the quality to HD so maybe the video quality will turn out clearer for posting to this blog - I'm learning.

Bandit had an awesome time! He loved being the dog everyone was pouncing on as that guaranteed him attention. There was another mini Aussie there about four days younger than Bandit but looked bigger because he's a big fluffy puppy. His owner told me that we should "tape those ears down" in reference to Bandit. I ignored her comment and told her that he has very expressive ears. This lady was a real piece of work and had all sorts of attitude with her nose in the air.

Everyone behaved, but there was a little boxer that got carried away several times. Bandit didn't shy away from anyone or anything.

Bandit was a dirty little mess when we got home, so we put him in his pool and rinsed him off with water. His coat dries very quickly! I'm not sure he'll always be like that, particularly when he loses this puppy coat and gets his adult coat.

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