Aug 6, 2009

Bandit's First Walk in a Park!

I didn't take my camera with us, but Bandit had his first walk at Saint Edward State Park today. Instead of walking down to Lake Washington the first time out, we did the super short walk to the water tower and then continued around a portion of the perimeter of the park. The trails were very quiet, but Bandit did meet some really small children (two and three year olds) who he was very gentle with and did no jumping (good boy!). The park will be hopping later tonight as the stage was up and the sound system was being checked for a "fermenting" folk band which will be holding a concert tonight.

Also, there were flyers posted in the park warning people to stay off the trails at dusk and dawn. Apparently, there are aggressive owls in the area, and there have been several incidents of owls swooping down on early morning and late evening park visitors. Scary!

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