Aug 7, 2009

Bandit Graduated from Puppy Classes Today

The puppy classes ended today, and all the participating puppies received their "recognition award" for completing the work. Bandit did really well in class today. I even forgot the can with coins, and he did so well and kept his barking to such an extreme minimum I never missed it. Bandit will start "Starbarks 101" on September 11, and that'll run for another six weeks. In the meantime we need to work on "off" and keeping him from jumping up to greet people, including us.


DoggyMom said...

CONGRATULATIONS young Bandit!!! You are a fine young pup!! Can't wait to hear about your progress in your next class. I love the name of the next class....Starbarks....very clever.

Bandit's Pack said...

Yes, and at the end of the classes we all go to a local Starbucks and order something to drink and hope that our pups behave nicely and sit quietly at our feet while we sip. The class we just finished was called Puppacino.