Aug 5, 2009

Auntie Kathy Will Be So Happy!

We've ordered Bandit a full-sized "Flippy Flopper." Auntie Kathy's Jack Russell's (Bandit's cousins) sent Bandit a puppy-sized Flippy Flopper as a "welcome to the family" gift. He has lots of fun with his puppy Flopper, but Auntie Kathy has encouraged us several times to get him a full-sized one, especially for at the ocean. One's now on its way, Auntie!!

I guess they're pretty popular and not always available. Here's the link that Auntie Kathy had sent us in encouragement to get one for Bandit.

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DoggyMom said...

YAY!! Auntie Kathy is so excited that Bandit is getting a Flippy Flopper!! He will LOVE it and be a frisbee catching dog in no time.