Jul 9, 2009

Random Post

As my niece, E, might say, "This post is so random."

Bandit has developed the helpful habits of sitting or laying in front of the downstairs slider when he wants to go out (perhaps accompanied by a bark or two), and sitting outside the slider when he wants back in (definitely accompanied by a bark or two). Since Bandit only has the run of the downstairs, it'll be interesting to see how this goes once he has full reign of the house. When we had Brandy she used the upstairs slider always until she became elderly. Going up and down those flights of stairs at least several times a day probably added to her longevity! Since we haven't been utilizing our upstairs deck and attached stairs (will be a project once I'm done with school and gainfully employed in a "real" job), we'll have to figure out, when the time comes, Bandit's indoor/outdoor signals when upstairs. At night, he's on our bed and whimpers when he wants to go out, so I whisk him off the bed and take him downstairs in those instances. He's yet to figure out how to jump off our bed which tends to sit a bit higher than your average bed due to some lifts under the legs (for added under-bed storage).

I want out, please!

Let me in, please!

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