Jul 21, 2009

Bandit's Now Fifteen Weeks

Bandit has been making significant improvement in his "inappropriate barking." After his behavior at last week's puppy class I got on the internet and looked for help from Google. I found something simple and very doable. It was recommended that one put a bunch of coins inside an empty pop can, secure the open top, and then shake the can vigorously when the puppy starts barking. So far, it's working! We can honestly say that since Friday evening of last week, Bandit's barking has improved 90%, no kidding! He definitely doesn't like the noise it makes. Since Bandit receives plenty of attention, we have discovered that his barking is probably due to the fact that he receives so much attention, when he's not getting it he's barking at us to put the focus back on him. In addition, we have been putting him in his crate for about three hours a day (perhaps a bit less), as has been recommended by his puppy instructor. It's not punishment at all. I will often put him in the crate when I need to go upstairs for a time, when he appears calm and content, or when I think he might be in need of a nap.

This Friday, I'm taking the can of coins with me to class. I don't care if the whole class is startled, if he starts to act up again, I'm shaking the living daylights out of that can about three times in rapid succession.

Bandit absolutely LOVES us!! If I come home from having gone somewhere, he's beside himself with excitement at my arrival home. If K is up early and working downstairs, Bandit refuses to go outside for his morning potty chores until he can go over to K and give him a healthy and plentiful dose of puppy kisses; it's really cute! And you should see the enthusiastic "welcome home" K receives from Bandit after a day's work.

Bandit is getting two walks a day at this point. I walk him in the morning for about 25 minutes, and then again for another 25 minutes right before bedtime. He consistently sleeps from about 9:30 p.m. until 5:30 or 6 a.m., and then he goes back to bed for another half hour to hour and a half. It won't be much longer now until we can take him to the local parks.

Bandit is now big enough to jump over the baby gate we have in place to keep him from going upstairs. K raised it one day, and Bandit then laid low and wriggled himself underneath. Because of that, K raised it slightly and fashioned a "bar" below. The gate cannot get much higher because it's difficult enough as it is to get over right now (for us). Bandit will have free run of the house eventually, but for now it works to keep his territory limited.

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Raising Addie said...

Yappy Fifteen Week Barkday Bandit!!!

My mom thinks you are simply adorable!!!

Keep up the good work with easing off the barking. Our mom tried the can thing when Addie was a puppy... she can't even remember why she used it at this point but it didn't work. BOL

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