Jul 5, 2009

A Noisy July 4th Didn't Phase Bandit

Since we live in an "unincorporated" area where the shooting off of fireworks is legal, our neighborhood starts getting noisy around noon, and the noise escalates to non-stop noise up until around 10 to 11 p.m. Since it was a beautiful day weather-wise and quite hot (mid 80s), Bandit spent lots of time outdoors. Mid-morning we had an outdoor breakfast so Bandit took his usual mid morning nap outdoors in the shade. Then, our neighbors behind us had a party so there were lots of small children running, playing whiffle ball, and sliding on a slip n' slide. Bandit would often just sit in our backyard staring at the neighbors' festivities. Once the firework explosions started (in the distance), Bandit paid no mind. When the explosions, hisses, pops, and screaming sounds started closer to home, Bandit still was not phased. He never once ran or cowered from the noise. And once it got dark and the noise was extremely loud, Bandit still wanted to be outside most of the time, just laying in the grass and chewing on a toy. We were extremely pleased that he took this noisy holiday in stride and regarded it as just another day.

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kleebremer said...

That is GREAT that all the 4th of July noise didn't phase him!! He sounds like a mellow little guy.